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Bulbasaur: Gracidea Subspecies :iconlilaccat336:LilacCat336 1 0 Guardian Signs: Shiny Cleffa :iconlilaccat336:LilacCat336 0 0 Guardian Signs: Shiny Clamperl/Huntail/Gorebyss :iconlilaccat336:LilacCat336 1 0 Guardian Signs: Shiny Chingling/Chimecho :iconlilaccat336:LilacCat336 0 0 Guardian Signs: Shiny Chinchou/Lanturn :iconlilaccat336:LilacCat336 0 0 Guardian Signs: Shiny Chimchar/Monferno/Infernape :iconlilaccat336:LilacCat336 1 0 Guardian Signs: Shiny Chikorita/Bayleef/Meganium :iconlilaccat336:LilacCat336 0 0 Pikachu Color Palettes :iconlilaccat336:LilacCat336 0 0 Riolu Color Palettes :iconlilaccat336:LilacCat336 1 0 Eevee Color Palettes :iconlilaccat336:LilacCat336 0 0 Guardian Signs: Celebi :iconlilaccat336:LilacCat336 0 0 Guardian Signs: Carvanha, Sharpedo :iconlilaccat336:LilacCat336 1 0 Guardian Signs: Shiny Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur :iconlilaccat336:LilacCat336 2 0 Guardian Signs: Shiny Buneary/Lopunny :iconlilaccat336:LilacCat336 0 0 Guardian Signs: Shiny Budew Family :iconlilaccat336:LilacCat336 1 0 Guardian Signs: Shiny Bronzor/Bronzong :iconlilaccat336:LilacCat336 0 0


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Worldbuilding Part1: Mapmaking
World Building Part 1: Map Making
Welcome all to World Building, the talk show that helps with all aspects of writing and creating. Please welcome your host…Seleane Gray!
Hello, everyone. Today we’ll be working on maps. There are a few types of maps:
1. The World Map – this is where you will see an overview of your world.
2. The City Map – this is where you will see each city your character is in with intricate detail.
3. The Building Map – this is where you will see each building your character is in with elaborate detail.
4. The Ship Map – also known as the Transportation Map, is for the vehicles—i.e. ships, air balloons, and anything your imagination can make up—it will show each one in the range you wish (this map isn’t necessary but I’ll show you anyway).
So let’s get started!
First, you’ll need to find/buy/gather the following:
1. A large, clean surface, preferable size to be 4’ by 2.5’
2. Graph paper an
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Sloth :iconfriendermen:Friendermen 148 73 i got throat hemorrhoids :iconvomitb0yy:vomitb0yy 8 0 Pastel Goth Blanchette :iconkimitama:kimitama 644 33 I really should quit. :iconshoomlah:shoomlah 6,885 402 Arunima :icontorqupine:torqupine 29 10 Fan Gem - Hope/Klopman Diamond :icontorqupine:torqupine 23 7 Researcher: Pedro Chestnut :iconcrisfarias:CrisFarias 88 40 Model - Sonia Arargara :iconcrisfarias:CrisFarias 52 15

Hello dear reader! What's new ( or not so new ) from Tohor?
This edition is going to be very simple, im only presenting what's the Poké Fashion, and what is the influence of it around TOHOR REGION!
First of all, the fashion is highly important, not only, but because of our famous dancing competitions. In these competitions we can see many new figurines and such that designers presents us when they sponsor competitors! So yeah if you want to participate to any of the dancing competitions you need a clothe for the dance that you gonna present, so it's better to find a sponsor and get clothes from their designs! Otherwise you'll have to make your own clothing and your chances of
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Bulbasaur: Gracidea Subspecies
Subspecies: Gracidea

Guidebook Info: This subspecies of Bulbasaur is found only in areas where Gracidea flowers grow. Some legends state that this species is the favored companion of Shaymin, and has grown alongside it to adapt its coloring as well as flower. The Gracidea Bulbasaur has a number of traits that set it apart from normal Bulbasaur, including its greener color (often mistaken for a “shiny” normal Bulbasaur), pink eyes, and differing abilities.

Ability: Natural Cure
Hidden Ability: Chlorophyll



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Saige Fiore
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I do some pixelling, but most of my work is fairly simple recolors and creating resources. I plan to start posting more Pokemon pixel work soon tho!

If I've messaged you concerning using your art on my blog, first: thank you for even considering it!
Secondly, please click the link below to see the blog itself. Non-sprite art will be listed "/tagged/not-my-art" (add what's in quotes to the end of the URL.) What's in my gallery here is not the same as what's on my Tumblr, I assure you.
(UPDATE: the blog, @ colorful-poketrainer-art.tumbl…, is no longer being updated, due to lack of reception. It will not be deleted, however.)


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